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Are you looking to modernise your current boiler installation to something more reliable and efficient? Or maybe you're looking to switch over to, or from, an electric system? Our engineers are not only specialists in boilers, they'll also help you by removing your old boiler and central heating appliances too.


Home energy consumption varies from house to house, and our boiler installations in Wolverhampton and  the West Midlands are catered to your specific requirements. Working with you to understand the usage in your home, we'll make the perfect recommendation and install the system needed to meet your home heating requirements.

"A good price. A good quality job. Left the house tidy. Recommended."

- Michael Vaughan, Gloucester


Energy efficient boiler installations

For your quality assurance all of our boiler upgrades and installations are fitted with energy efficiency in mind. Improved energy efficiency not only benefits the environment, but it can also lead to huge savings on bills. A modern condensing boiler can save you several hundred pounds a year on your energy bills.


For a smoother running system that is cheaper to run, you can count on our team for top named brands at affordable prices. You don't need to break the bank for the best!

Boiler installations from the Home Heating Experts in Wolverhampton

What we can we do for you?

•     Boiler installations

•     Boiler replacements

•     Boiler upgrades

•     Gas boilers

•     Electric boilers

•     Improved energy efficiency

•     Top named brands

•     Affordable prices

Heat up your home with our high quality boiler installations in Wolverhampton. Call us on

01902 500 275

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